Breast Biopsy

A biopsy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal and examination of suspicious tissue. Doctors typically order biopsies when mammograms, imaging tests, or physical exams reveal potential breast abnormalities that are likely to be cancer. A biopsy of the mass is the only way to determine if cancer is present.

biopsyDr. Ahmad performs the following types of biopsies for patients in Houston, Texas: fine needle aspiration biopsy, core (large needle) biopsy, and surgical biopsy. Dr. Ahmad will choose the best procedure for your medical needs. Some of the factors Dr. Ahmad will consider include how suspicious the lesion appears, how large it is, where in the breast it is located, characteristics of the abnormality, how many lesions are present, your medical history, and your personal preferences.

During a surgical biopsy (open biopsy), Dr. Ahmad will usually remove the entire mass or abnormal area. This type of procedure is called an excisional biopsy and is different from an incisional biopsy, in which the doctor only removes part of the mass. In very rare instances, a biopsy can be completed at the doctor’s office. These procedures are most common, however, as outpatient surgeries.

If a small lump is noticeable but cannot be felt, Dr. Ahmad may use a procedure called a stereotactic hookwire guided biopsy. Dr. Ahmad will numb the area with a local anesthetic and place a hollow needle into the breast. X-Rays or ultrasound views will help guide the needle to the suspicious area. Dr. Ahmad will then insert a thin wire with a bent tip through the needle. Once the needle tip reaches the right spot, the hollow needle will be removed, leaving the wire hook in place at the abnormality. Dr. Ahmad has experienced a 95% success rate with this technique. This type of biopsy is more involved than an FNA biopsy or a core needle biopsy, but it is also more likely to yield and accurate diagnosis. It might also be the only surgery that you need.

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