LUMPECTOMY (Breast Biopsy)

describe the imageIf the pathologist discovers cancerous cells at the edge of the tissue removed by breast-conserving surgery, Dr. Ahmad may need to perform additional procedures. A mastectomy may be necessary if clear surgical margins cannot be achieved. For most women with stage I or II breast cancer, a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy with radiation therapy is just as effective as a complete mastectomy. Not all women, however, are ideal candidates for breast conserving surgery in Houston, Texas. Dr. Ahmad will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.A lumpectomy allows your surgeon to remove cancerous or non-cancerous lumps while leaving the majority of your breast intact. Dr. Ahmad will aim to remove as little normal tissue as possible. The amount that needs to be removed will depend on the size and location of the mass. Radiation therapy is typically provided in conjunction with breast conserving surgery to prevent future recurrences. Some patients will need to undergo chemotherapy, in which case radiation will be delayed.

In some instances, permanent scarring is minimal. The larger the portion of breast removed, the more likely it is that the breast will be distorted after surgery. Reconstructive surgery is an option for patients who experience post-lumpectomy distortion. Some patients choose complete reconstruction while others may choose to have the unaffected breast reduced in size to improve symmetry. Immediate reconstruction may be possible during the initial surgery. Before your procedure, you will need to talk with Dr. Ahmad to understand the best options for you.